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Fast-Track PSDM (RTM) showing outstanding results (19 October 2015)

The Fast-Track PSDM (RTM) section above represents a fully 3D migrated test line from the 25,000km2 volume. The uplift in sub-salt imaging is dramatic and shows clearly defined tilted fault blocks and horst features which are the pre-requisites for creating more convincing exploration prospects. Even below this highly complex, thrusted and distorted, salt and sediment overburden we can see characterful reflection events which can be confidently correlated across the faults.

The input to migration is fast-track data processed both offshore and in the UK. The final processed depth volume, to be delivered in 2016, will further benefit from a full 3D pre-processing sequence employing the latest technology including 3D de-ghosting on source and receiver sides, a combination of 3D de-multiple techniques and a comprehensive de-noising flow that preserves the full BroadSeis character of the data - as well as additional resolution in imaging from Full Waveform Inversion (FWI).

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